How to use DSD+ with WineSkin on OSX

Last week we posted about how Matthew Miller deomnstrated that he was able to get the Windows digital speech decoder (DSD+) software running under OSX with WineSkin. DSD+ allows you to decode digital voice signals such as P25 and Motorola DMR. A few users asked how to actually use WineSkin to create a wrapper, so now Matthew has uploaded a new tutorial video showing how to use WineSkin to get DSD+ running on OSX.

In the video he shows how to download and install WineSkin, and how to create a wrapper that allows DSD+ to run on OSX. The process is relatively simple and only involves using GUI based tools.

DSD Plus on OSX with WineSkin - RTL SDR


  1. giancarlo

    Grazie infinite!Tutorial veramente bello è chiaro.Funziona perfettamente!73s!I0KNX
    Thank you so much! Really nice tutorial is clear. It works perfectly! 73s! I0KNX

  2. vk4tux

    That cubicsdr on osx had me stumped re audio settings, until I found you had to click on an audio stream in the signal windows to get the audio device visible in modem settings, and editable on dropdown.

  3. Ira

    I did exactly what you did in the video and when I execute DSDPlus, nothing happens (i.e., no windows appear). I am running OSX 10.13.3. Any suggestions?

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