Demonstrating Solar Inverter Noise Cancelling with a Timewave ANC-4 and Airspy HF+

At his house W1VLF found that his solar inverter was causing huge amounts of interference on the HF bands, essentially making any hope at receiving shortwave or amateur radio signals impossible on his Airspy HF+ Discovery . However, over on his YouTube channel he's demonstrated a solution that allows him to almost completely cancel the noise.

The solution involves using a Timewave ANC-4 noise canceler, which is as analog noise cancelling device available from the manufacturer for US$209.95. To use the device you also need a noise probe which can be a small loop antenna. The noise probe is connected to the ANC-4 and placed near the source of the noise, which in W1VLF's case was just on the solar inverter enclosure mounted on the outside of his house. Then by tuning the gain and phase knobs on the ANC-4 the noise can be cancelled out of the signals received by the main antenna. 

In the video W1VLF demonstrates how effective noise cancelling with the ANC-4 can be by showing the before and after results with his Airspy HF+ Discovery.

Kicking Solar inverter noise in the A$$ with noise cancelling

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choke the inverter lines with type 75 fairite cores…. less then $1 each…
keep the wires as twisted pairs , adding a ground gun if needed to keep them from becoming single wire loop antennas on the roof.
see QST for more info


close up of operation of anc-4 on local noise nulling….


Is there some sort of load on the line cord or is it simply open circuit? Does anyone know.


I remember a few years ago the FCC fining a solar panel company for RFI. If I remember correctly it was a component in the panel that wasn’t even needed. Some gimmick device.


Er, what about asking the manufacturer of the inverter to remove the noise?

They are responsible for that.


Indeed, report it to the relevant Authority and also insist on its removal. Made in China no doubt. Here in Britain Ofcom are a complete waste of space in dealing with such things..but the box ticking multi-cult female who knows nothing about radio they put in charge is on overview 600k a year though.

Radio is being destroyed by unfit modern electronic devices.

Martyn Adelman

I’m 100% in agreement with Dave, as I also live in the UK, in an apartment building in South London and the fanatical use of SM PSU’s, Sky Boxes and WiFi signal boosters has very nearly pushed me to give up my interest in Radio. I’ve just taken delivery of the ANC-4 so I found W1VLF’s very useful. Thanks.