OneSDR New Posts: RF Filter Primer, Bias Tees, SDR Precautions

Over on a new SDR tutorial website, the authors have put up three new posts. The first post is part 2 of their "How Not to Break your Software-defined Radio (SDR) Hardware" series. This post covers mechanical strain considerations on connectors and reference clock input voltages. 

The second post titled "Software-defined Radios and Bias Tees" covers the use of bias tee's and the different voltage and current specs of bias tee's on different SDRs. They explain how these specs affect which LNA's you can use, and how some bias tee's are protected against over-current damage.

The third post is titled "A Primer on RF Filters for Software-defined Radio". In this post they cover topics like types of filters, insertion loss and preselectors on SDRs. 

OneSDR's Image used to explain Band Pass filters.
OneSDR's Image used to explain Band Pass filters.
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Any advice about best external filters to be used (brand, price, source)?
FM filters are often told to be the most needed, but with my plutoSDR, i can observe that mobile phone and digital terrestrial TV emitters are creating a lot of harmonics. So filtering out FM + mobile phone + digital TV would help a lot.


It depends on the number of strong frequencies and their peak strength where you live, which frequencies need to be suppressed. While some spectrum like BC 87 -107 MHz is universal, other Spectrum use like TV or mobile phone vary from ITU region to ITU region and/or country to country.
What you detect could also be intermodulation