GQRX Updates: GR3.8, New Color Maps, Bug and Performance Fixes

Since mid-January 2020 the popular Linux and Mac compatible SDR program GQRX has seen a number of new code commits over on it's git repository. Some of the updates include moving to GNU Radio 3.8, new color maps, as well as various bug and performance fixes.

At the moment these updates only appear to be available on the latest git code, so to get them you'll need to install GQRX from source via the instructions on the git readme.

Also thank you to @devnulling for providing us with the screenshot posted below which shows off the various new color maps available for the FFT waterfall.

GQRX Updated Color Schemes
GQRX Updated Color Maps
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Andrew Heater

Does anyone know how to build from source on MacOS?