GQRX Updated to 2.13: Several Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

GQRX is one of the most popular open source software choices to use with various SDRs on Linux and MacOS. Recently it was updated to version 2.13, bringing in a few new features and several bug fixes and performance improvements. From the GQRX news file, the changes include the following.

2.13.1: Released October 17, 2020

FIXED: Crash when invalid sample rate is specified.
FIXED: Decrease minimum size of FFT Settings panel.
FIXED: Typos.
IMPROVED: More Airspy HF+ sample rates added.

2.13: Released October 16, 2020

NEW: Stereo option for UDP streaming.
NEW: Script to generate AppImage.
NEW: Allow scroll wheel direction to be inverted.
FIXED: FM de-emphasis causing audio to be 20 dB quieter than it should be.
FIXED: FM de-emphasis applied incorrectly in WFM stereo receiver.
FIXED: Update waterfall time resolution when FFT settings are changed.
FIXED: Update waterfall time resolution when window is resized.
FIXED: Restore waterfall time span between sessions.
FIXED: FFT buffer overlap calculation.
FIXED: Crash when launching without device connected.
FIXED: Crash when setting invalid RF gains.
FIXED: Audio panadapter / waterfall slider direction.
FIXED: Clear FFT averages when changing FFT size.
FIXED: Crash when source block doesn't support IQ balancing.
FIXED: Bookmark labels in FFT draw over each other.
IMPROVED: DSP and FFT performance.
IMPROVED: Panadapter & waterfall performance.
IMPROVED: Smooth panadapter & waterfall redrawing.
IMPROVED: Better default values for various settings.
IMPROVED: Audio waterfall colormap matches I/Q waterfall.
IMPROVED: Use all available display space for panadapter & waterfall.
IMPROVED: Updated RDS decoder.
IMPROVED: More Airspy HF+ sample rates added.

The GQRX GUI (Older Version)
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