Identifying Noise Sources in the Shack using an SDR and an Active Receive Loop

Over on YouTube user SignalSearch has uploaded a video showing how he uses an active magnetic loop antenna indoors to identify local noise sources. Magnetic loop antennas are directional, meaning that they receive best when pointing towards a signal. This means that they also receive noise better when pointed at a noise source.  In the video SignalSearch uses a W6LVP receive loop antenna and demonstrates noise being emitted from his lightbulb, and from a plug in Ethernet over powerline adapter, which are known to be huge sources of HF noise.

If you are interested in the noise produced by these Ethernet over powerline adapters then we did a previous post on this problem over here.

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Great video. CFL bulbs and dimmers emit broadband noise in my experience and I have removed all CFL bulbs from my shack or turn them off when listening to HF. Our pellet stove emits a broadband buzzing that pretty much interferes with LF – 3 MHz also, so will try to figure out what component of the stove is the culprit.

Dave, that was a great video, thanks for sharing.


Thank you!


Guess it does not deal well with html… Here is the snapshot page…


I have a snapshot page consisting of many snapshots of RFI all taken using SDR. See:


You meant this snapshot page?