Doing 50 Things with RTL-SDR in One Week

Thank you to Blinry who recently wrote an article about how they set themselves a challenge to find 50 things to do with an RTL-SDR in one week. Blinry writes:

Last week, I attempted the challenge to try to find 50 things to do with an RTL-SDR device in a week!

It was quite an adventure: I received satellites and radio from the other side of the world, I went on a hunt for a radiosonde, and I invented a method to communicate using the NFC tag in a library book!

I used the RTL-SDR Blog V4 for everything, plus the antenna kit, plus a long piece of wire.

Congratulations Blinry for achieving your goal and taking us on a whirlwind ride through the different applications of RTL-SDR!

NOTE: We note that Blinry's website appears to be a bit slow to load, presumably because or the large image file sizes, and because his article has become quite popular. If you're having trouble loading the images and videos, maybe try again at a later time. Alternatively, thanks to user pbnjeh on Hackernews you can try loading directly from or

Blinry Receiving and Tracking a Weather Balloon using SDRAngel and an RTL-SDR Blog V4
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