Three New Reviews of our V3 RTL-SDR using the HF Direct Sampling Mode

Recently this week three new reviews of our RTL-SDR V3 came out, all reviewing its operation on HF frequencies.

In the first review Mike (KD2KOG) reviews the dongle and provides a video of it in action in SDR# receiving AM and SSB signals. (Update: Sorry the video has been removed)

In the second review Gary (W4EEY) posts a review to and provides various screenshots of the dongle in action in HDSDR.

Finally over on YouTube user Johnny shows the dongle running in CubicSDR and listening to various SSB signals. (Video Removed)


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Ben in Seattle

Please update the links. The first one now goes to a site advertising pornography and the third is simply non-existent. Thanks!


Am I missing something? My RTL-SDR V3 dongle can’t tune below 23ish MHz…


Nevermind, I see that there is an experimental driver available. I remember reading that the dongle can get hotter than normal when running at the extreme ends of the tuning range. Mine already runs around 110F while listening in the 150 MHz range. Has anyone damaged their SDR using the experimental drivers? I would like to tune into AM radio but I know that the reception may be very poor in that range. I’m looking to get a Titus 2 or SDRPlay for this purpose in the future and would rather not damage my RTL-SDR dongle in the meantime.


And Q Branch…. I’m able to receive local AM in SDR#. Too bad there isn’t an edit post function, I’d get rid of my first post.


Any chance to add an led to indicate clipping? Or is there a way to send that info to the sdr app?

Bin Kenney

Just for anyone whose watching Mike’s video, in the beginning he said the V.3 dongle covers 0 to 25 MHz… he’s dead wrong as it doesn’t go down that far into the VLF range. 500 kHz to 1.7 GHz is the frequency to be aware of…

Tiago Sousa

The lowest frequency I can reliably hear is 376 KHz, which is the NBD of a nearby airport. I have other faint stuff below but I suspect they’re mirrors of MW stations.

Tiago Sousa

…and now I tracked down an AM station I’m picking up at 252 KHz and it’s real, confirmed by internet stream (—252-AM/9910). Pretty exciting.


Bin Kenney yes 100% and my error. Sorry if this was misleading.