DSDPlusUI: A Graphical User Interface for DSD+

Over on Twitter Annunaki (@StupotSinders) has been teasing some screenshots of a GUI for DSD+ that he's been developing over the past few weeks. And now he has released the software which is called "DSDPlusUI". DSD+ is mostly command line based, so a GUI could be useful for newbies. The software can be downloaded from the DSDPlusUI groups.io page.

DSD+ (aka Digital Speech Decoder) is a free closed source program that is compatible with RTL-SDR and various other SDRs which is used to decoder digital speech protocols such as P25 P1, DMR, NXDN and more. DSD+ Fastlane is a paid upgrade which allows subscribers to receive the latest updates to the software early. 

DSD+ GUI by Annunaki
DSD+ GUI by Annunaki
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David Pickering

Where do you get the paid version? I asked on RR forums (I hate forums) but no one answered. i have the 101 old free version that did work but now has an audio input error I cannot fix even after uninstalling everything with Revo, full clean out or hidden files folders and registry. Re-Install, problem still there. I even tried uninstall regime again AND did same with Virus scanner and Firewall, I am running on the hidden administrator account as administrator and made all file everyone RW and it still fails. SO upgrading DSD is the next test as I have upgraded Airspy (SDR#) – I would try with HDSDR but there is no where to shove the plug ins……………………
So where do you get the paid latest version of DSD. Search engines are revealing nothing only dead links and click bait.


There is a DSDPlus text file within the free release with the info you require at the bottom of the document.


Referring to DSD+ as free software is a joke. The free version is many years old.

Most Other SDR Hobbiests

You must be kidding. There is a free version and I don’t mind paying an author of great software a tiny fee for their contribution to my hobby enjoyment. You have the right to pass up this software or any other. If it were not for these software developers, we would all be complaining that there is nothing at all.


The latest version of DSD+ (2p228) adds a menu bar for most settings which makes this largely redundant.


Yeah but its got nothing on a clickable UI though.