Freqwatch – RTL-SDR Frequency Scanner and Recorder

Freqwatch is a new Linux based software program that has recently been released by programmer Joshua Davis. Freqwatch makes use of rtl_power to scan a wide swath of RF spectrum and then automatically records and stores in a database sound files of active signals by using rtl_fm.

The software is capable of making use of multiple RTL-SDR dongles in order to efficiently monitor larger bandwidths. After running the software for a while and generating a large database, you can then use a database analyzer like Splunk to find trends in the data or find out when something changes.

The software can be downloaded from its GitHub at Previously we featured some other software called ScanEyes which has a similar logging feature but focused on trunking radio channels and we also featured RTL Airband which monitors multiple airband frequencies simultaneously for logging and streaming.

Freqwatch Database Logs
Freqwatch Database Logs
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ken golski

SEnd me info too


1.Is that program can work also in the Raspberry-pi platform(OS is Linux) or just on PC?

2.Can you help me to operate the program (or make some guide

[email protected]