KiwiSDR Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Last month KiwiSDR started their fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The kickstarter has now completed. The goal was to raise $50,000 USD and they have well surpassed that mark by reaching $70,757 USD. If you missed out on the Kickstarter then it is still possible to preorder by directly emailing the KiwiSDR team.

The KiwiSDR is a software defined radio with 30 MHz of bandwidth and a tuning range that covers 0 – 30 MHz (VLF to HF). It is intended to be a low cost web based SDR that can be accessed from all over the world via a browser interface. It is designed as a cape for the BeagleBone Black mini embedded computer, and uses a LTC 14-bit 65 MHz ADC and Xilinx Artix-7 A35 FPGA. It also has an integrated SDR based GPS receiver which is used to automatically compensate for any frequency drift from the main 66.6 MHz oscillator. It runs on the OpenwebRX web based software, which many RTL-SDR users have already been using to stream live radio to the web.

Right now the team is beta testing some sample boards and appears to be getting ready for the large production run.

In a previous post we mentioned that the KiwiSDR project had some ethical issues attached to it. The creator of the OpenWebRX software, Andreas, was upset over the fact that the KiwiSDR had forked his open source project and had said that they would not share any profits. However, it appears that KiwiSDR have now struck a deal with Andreas, with both sides being happy, thus resolving any ethical issues.

The latest KiwiSDR Board
The latest KiwiSDR Board
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I think the KiwiSDR team did a very good job with their design of a SDR receiver for LO & HF frequencies , It’s the interfacing with the internet that I don’t think is a big selling point . I know the internet thing just doesn’t float my boat . I thing they should have spent the money on a good receiver . Something that could compare with Winradio for a much lower price . When I was at Stewart Warner Electronics , they were redesigning the R-1051/URR MILITARY Radio Receiver with design that a collage professor come with . He come up with the idea if you come out of the mixer with a very high frequency and mixed it down a few times , you would have a signal that was very quite . Most of the noise and Spurs would be gone .


Wasn’t the BBB supposed to have lots of noise making it a poor choice for an SDR?


Hi Robert,
I totally agree with you, I am also from old school in computers. And i too have hard times understanding cloud even in computers.I feel difficult how it is different in storing data in remote cloud than remote ftp server. For SDR cloud may be something beyond my conscious. perhaps SDR too just like computer industry have learned to generate new buzzwords every 3 years to start new life.


I don’t know , I think I am to old school . I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of you being able to run your sdr receiver from other than sitting in front of the computer . I think it would lesson the price of it if that part was left off of it . But what do I know , I am still trying to under stand how you can connect a Ethernet connector to the cloud ?????????????????