Multiband OpenWebRX Receiver via Multiple RTL-SDR Dongles

Thank you to Marko who has submitted his blog post showing how he's set up a multiband OpenWebRX receiver via multiple RTL-SDR dongles connected in server based network architecture. OpenWebRX is a open source software platform that allows users to set up multi-user network accessible RTL-SDR and other SDR receivers.

In his post Marko explains the architecture he's set up which consists of multiple antennas, and a Raspberry Pi running multiple RTL-SDRs right by each unique antenna. The Raspberry Pi's send the complete receiver bandwidth over the network to a more powerful virtual server running OpenWebRX. This architecture allows for scalability, and for many users to be able to connect at once.

Marco's Scalable OpenWebRX Architecture

The rest of Marko's post shows how he set up OpenWebRX and supporting software such as SoapyRemote, which handles the network transfer of the raw SDR data. Marko has created a YouTube video demonstrating multiple connections to the OpenWebRX server, and you can also try out his server directly via this link

An Raspbery Pi running multiple RTL-SDR dongles, sending raw data to the OpenWebRX server.


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