A RS41 and DFM09 Radiosonde Decoder Plugin for SDR++

A new decoder for RS41 and DFM09 radiosondes has been released as a plugin for SDR++ by dbDexter.  A radiosonde is a sensor package with RF transmitter that is attached to a weather balloon. Meteorological agencies around the world typically launch two per day in order to gather weather forecast data. With an RTL-SDR, appropriate antenna and a decoder it is possible to receive this data, and plot the GPS location on a map.

Installing a plugin for SDR++ requires adding the build options to the SDR++ source, and building SDR++, so it could be a little difficult for Windows, but relatively simple build instructions for Linux are provided in the Readme.

A Radiosonde Decoder for SDR++

Over on Twitter FelixTRG (@OK9UWU) has tested the plugin out and has found it to work well.


  1. Kress

    What size has your “radiosonde_decoder_w64.dll” and where did you getit from?
    Which sdrpp Version do You use (V1.0.4??)
    sdrpp nightly V1.0.0 is OK (even has a scannermodule, meteordecoder, m17decoder and a working radiosonde_decoder (129kb)

  2. Kress

    I receive following message (Windows10) when adding “radiosonde_decoder_w64.dll” to the module directory:

    der Prozedureinsprungpunkt ‘args’ wurde in der DLL” D:\sdrpp_windows_x64\radiosonde_decoder_w64.dll ” nicht gefunden

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