Simple APCO P25 Phase 1 Decoder Plugin Released for SDR#

Vasili, author of several SDR# plugins has recently released a new APCO P25 plugin for SDR#. The plugin is easy to use, simply tune to a P25 voice signal, and it will automatically decode it into voice audio assuming that the signal is not encrypted. If the P25 signal is encrypted, you will hear garbled unintelligible voice. The plugin does not support trunking or any advanced talk group filtering features that you might find with DSD+, Unitrunker, SDR Trunk etc.

To install the plugin, simply download the zip file from and extra the .dll's into the SDR# folder. Then copy the text in magicline.txt file into the plugins.xml file inside the SDR# folder. The plugin should work with any SDR supported by SDR#, including the RTL-SDR.

The simple APCO P25 decoder for SDR#
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sdr# sees plugins but when I click on enable, nothing happens.


Welcome to SDR😅

Emma Chissit

The Russian site is now unavailable. Is their another sire from which I can download P25 plugin file ?


I don’t know what the minimum version number for SDR# is that supports this plugin, but on my version of SDR# the plugin never even loads! That’s the truth. I put the name of the plugin in plugins.xml and copied all the DLL files to the same folder as the EXE file, but NOTHING makes it work. Nothing at all. I really hope that this is just an issue of me needing to upgrade my copy of SDR#, but if the plugin is broken I hope the makers of SDR sharp add a digital voice decoder function to the software that internally incorporates decoding of P25 and other digital voice modes.


When I use the plug in sdr# shuts down when it gets a p25 signal. It will play a split second of audio then just shuts off completely.


Great P25 plug-in. I would like to see the NAC code displayed if possible.


When it says to copy the magicline.txt into the plugins.xml folder, which folder is that? Im showing Plugin Repositories, plugins-list.


Let me change one word in the article above, maybe that will help you understand:
copy the text >>>inside<<< magicline.txt file into the plugins.xml file inside the SDR# folder


Rapidly tested with my personal P25Phase1 radio today, and seems to be working fine !
(Good intelligible voice on Clear mode, and [of course] garbled mess when encrypted)

An user on Vasili’s website reported SDR# crashing at plugin launch, no problem for me on SDR# v1732, but your milleage may vary…