PiSDR Ready to use SDR Raspbian Image Updated to V4.0

It's been a good time for ready to use SDR Linux OS images recently, as we've seen the release of two new images, DragonOS and gorizont-rtlsdr over this lock down period. And now the already popular and mature PiSDR image has also been updated. 

PiSDR is a ready to use Raspbian based operating system for Raspberry Pi's which comes pre-loaded with many programs for software defined radios. It currently supports the RTL-SDR, LimeSDR, PlutoSDR, Airspy, and Airspy HF+ and has preinstalled software such as SDR Angel, Soapy Remote, GQRX, GNURadio, LimeUtil, and LimeVNA.

The latest update includes various bug fixes as well the following new features:

  • Three times smaller.
  • HackRF Support.
  • Verified Compilation on GitHub Actions.
  • New Software: Quisk, CygnusRFI, rpitx, rtl_433, acarsdec, gpredict, multimon-ng, and leansdr
PiSDR Running a SDRAngel with a LimeSDR
PiSDR Running a SDRAngel with a LimeSDR
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Giammalo T.: entry by invitation only


I’ve been using a B205min from Ettus Research.
This device is not in the list of the supported radios.
But Ettus ist in a strong relationship to GNURADIO since the early days.
So, I’m a little bit confused that in the GNURADIO installation integrated in this PiSDR image doesn’t contain the USRP source and sink blocks. I have installed the UHD driver and my B205mini is correct detected. But I’m not sure what is to do that the USRP sink and source occurs in the tree.

David Pickering

I have it running on RPi4 headless with the idea to use Server function.

Charles Harrison

It’s nice to see this is being done, but I have a question on performance. I’ve used normal raspbian releases before and have self installed gqrx and cubic SDR and have found both to be very laggy when using a Pi 3 model B. Do these dedicated images significantly improve that performance?


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