Radio Analyser: New Program for Plotting DSDPlus Statistics

Thank you to Matthew Cowley for submitting news about his new program called "Radio Analyser". Radio Analyser is a program that imports DSDPlus radio and group files into a postgresql database. The data can then graphed on the web interface allowing you to view talk group and radio statistics. DSDPlus is a program that can be used to listen in to digital P25, DMR and other digital voice protocols with an RTL-SDR or similar SDR.

Matthew writes the following, and some screenshots of the interface and graphs are shown in the slider and the end of the post:

I've been learning Ruby on Rails and as a first project I wrote a project that you host at home which imports the DSDPlus.radios and DSDPlus.groups files and displays their activity in graph form. It will show you total site activity, talk group activity and radio activity.

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Ed Brooks

IS this still working? I tried to get to it and got access denied.


Great program. Thanks for sharing.