Receiving a 10GHz Beacon with RTL-SDR and an Avenger LNBF

In this video YouTube user feri67000 shows reception of a 10 GHz amateur beacon over 26km using the RTL-SDR, and an ‘Avenger LNBF‘, which we believe is this one which only costs $11. The LNB within the Avenger antenna converts the 10 GHz signal into a frequency that is receivable by the R820T RTL-SDR.

F0EQE reception F5ZWZ/b 10GHZ beacon rtl sdr R820T + SAT LNB PLL Avenger

Also, in this video by YouTube user EA5KGD reception of a voice signal is shown using the RTL-SDR and Avenger LNBF.

SDR RTL 2832U E4000 RX EB5EA on 10GHz beside Avenger LNB PLL (part 1)

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