Receiving a 10GHz Beacon with RTL-SDR and an Avenger LNBF

In this video YouTube user feri67000 shows reception of a 10 GHz amateur beacon over 26km using the RTL-SDR, and an ‘Avenger LNBF‘, which we believe is this one which only costs $11. The LNB within the Avenger antenna converts the 10 GHz signal into a frequency that is receivable by the R820T RTL-SDR.

F0EQE reception F5ZWZ/b 10GHZ beacon rtl sdr R820T + SAT LNB PLL Avenger

Also, in this video by YouTube user EA5KGD reception of a voice signal is shown using the RTL-SDR and Avenger LNBF.

SDR RTL 2832U E4000 RX EB5EA on 10GHz beside Avenger LNB PLL (part 1)

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Ack! Ignore my last note. I was mixing up 2 articles. I was thinking this was the EME beacon (I don’t have audio on these at work) it was obviously a local 10GHz beacon and not the EME beacon at 10.368.025. My fault. I knew something was different about the math. Doh!



I am having issues with the math on the video of the reception of the EME 10GHz signal. I know these LNBs are not freq locked but the receive freq showing on the SDR software is 619.0942. That beacon should be at 618.025 after all the down conversions. This is fully 1.0942 MHz (Effectively 1.1 MHz) off the beacon freq. If the LNB were that inaccurate it would be useless as a sat receiver component I should think. I assume there are other factors I am not seeing in the video?