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Rain Scatter 10 GHz Reception with the RTL-SDR

YouTube user feri67000 who last month showed us that the RTL-SDR can receive 10 GHz signals with a cheap avenger LNB PLL now shows an interesting experiment where he uses a technique known as rain scatter to receive a 10 GHz beacon with his satellite dish pointed in the opposite direction of the beacon transmitter.

Usually communications at 10 GHz are line of sight only, but by using the rain scatter technique, the 10 GHz signal can be bounced off a precipitation cloud and received with line of sight to the cloud, rather than the transmitter.

rain scatter 10ghz LX1DB beacon

Receiving a 10GHz Beacon with RTL-SDR and an Avenger LNBF

In this video YouTube user feri67000 shows reception of a 10 GHz amateur beacon over 26km using the RTL-SDR, and an ‘Avenger LNBF‘, which we believe is this one which only costs $11. The LNB within the Avenger antenna converts the 10 GHz signal into a frequency that is receivable by the R820T RTL-SDR.

F0EQE reception F5ZWZ/b 10GHZ beacon rtl sdr R820T + SAT LNB PLL Avenger

Also, in this video by YouTube user EA5KGD reception of a voice signal is shown using the RTL-SDR and Avenger LNBF.

SDR RTL 2832U E4000 RX EB5EA on 10GHz beside Avenger LNB PLL (part 1)