RTL-SDR vs Funcube PRO+ Dongle

YouTube user aunumero73 has posted a video showing a broadcast FM selectivity comparison between the rtl-sdr and the Funcube Dongle PRO+ (FCD+). The FCD+ is a software defined radio similar to the rtl-sdr, but with better overall performance. The video shows that the Funcube Dongle PRO+ has significantly less interference when tuning to a weaker radio station right next to a strong local station. Of course the near $190 USD cost of the FCD+ vs the $20 USD cost of the rtl-sdr needs to be noted.

Another comparison between the rtl-sdr and Funcube Dongle is made on this website for signal to noise ratios for multiple tested frequencies .

FunCube PRO+ vs RTL-SDR dongle (R820T) : selectivity on FM

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Jim Whitaker N8XYN

I have and use both. The only advantage that an rtl-sdr has over the Funcube pro+ is visible band width. That’s actually a big advantage but when playing with weak signals that’s not enough. I’m looking at SDRPlay RSP2 for maybe after Christmas it provides switched filters in a massive band width and that’s pretty appealing 🙂


YouTube user aunumero73 forgot to turn Funcube Pro+ “Swap I & Q”, so the radio channels are not the same