RTL433 Plugin for SDR# Now Available

Recently Marc has released his RTL433 plugin for SDR# over on GitHub and his Wixsite. RTL433 is a commonly used RTL-SDR command line program that provides decoders for a wide range of 433.92 MHz, 868 MHz, 315 MHz, 345 MHz, and 915 MHz ISM band devices. Examples of such devices include weather stations, alarm sensors, utility monitors, tire pressure monitors and more.

To install the plugin, go to the GitHub page and click on the green Code button, and select Download Zip. In the zip file open the "install" folder and extract the three .dll files into the SDR# folder. Now open the Plugins.xml file in Notepad and add the following line between the <sharpPlugins></sharpPlugins> tags.

<add key="RTL_433" value="SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin, SDRSharp.Rtl_433" />

Now you can add the plugin to the SDR# screen using the hamburger menu within SDR# on the top left. When a device is discovered it will open up a window for that device, logging data from it over time.

RTL433 SDRSharp Plugin
RTL433 SDR# Plugin Device Windows


  1. Marco402

    Version – 2 Août 2021
    – New window
    -Add a third radio button under the start button to display a new window type:
    Display of one window per device that contains all received messages up to 10 times the maximum number of devices set in . config * 10.
    100*10 by default.
    The export button allows to save the data in text format which can be refilled by a spreadsheet(calc… separator:tabulation).
    The name of the file is that of the window.CAUTION overwriting the file without confirmation.
    If the Recordings folder of SDRSharp exists, the files will be saved in it otherwise in the SDRSharp folder.

    I have no more evolutions or improvements planned, if you have any ideas, I will see if it is possible.



      • Marco402

        I will see for this option, I think I would not validate it by the graphical interface
        but by a key in the file SDRSHARP.config.
        I don’t know if all invalidated files work properly.

        • Marco402

          You can try the modification: validation of invalidated devices.
          Current version in the directory install (v
          -Added a checkbox in the “enabled devices disabled” frame to process disabled devices(.disabled = 1 in devices files)

  2. Marco402


    Plugin SDRSharp RTL433 Version 7 July 21
    – Modifications
    Keep the console open on stop plugin for read verbose informations(version RTL_433
    – Corrections
    Crash call function cu8 to .wav.
    – Modifications configuration on TUNER AGC and RTL AGC
    Tuner AGC: on(corresponds to auto gain with rtl433) can be manually-> off.\n”)
    RTL AGC: on.(not the AGC panel) can be set off if good signals.\n”)


  3. Bill Collins

    I am designing a TPMS monitor for my pickup and camper for a total of 8 tires. Right now I am looking at the Autel MX programmable sensors. As it is a green field design and I will be using RTL433 with a RPi, it will not matter to me which frequency or car make/model that I program the sensors to. Any suggestions on how I program them to make them easiest and most reliable with RTL433?

  4. Chris

    This plugin doesn’t work with Spyserver sources, is that correct? I can’t seem to get it to work for Spyservers on the Spyserver network.

    • marco402

      Hello Chris
      -Version of the plugin is required for the sample rate.
      A working configuration:
      -Gain 29
      -IQ format PCM 8 bits
      -Bandwidth 250khz
      -Use full IQ
      this server is in the good fréquence range, this one is in France.

      • Chris

        I am using version of SDRSharp, so the DLLs go in the main SDRSharp directory. I have added to my plugins.xml file. But when I launch SDRSharp I get the following message:

        Unable to load DLL ‘rtl_433’: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) Initialize RTL_433_plugin

  5. marco402

    I put a new version of the plugin on github: https://github.com/marco402/plugin-Rtl433-for-SdrSharp.
    I especially tried to deal with problems of loading, memory or cohabitation with other plugins
    Problems reported on 3 forums, thanks to those who posted.
    https://forums.radioreference.com/threads/rtl433-plugin-for-sdr-now-available.425703/ and https://forum.tetrahub.net/topic2648-35.html

    Version June 2021
    – Developments
    – Loading the device list and forcing the frequency SDRSharp at the first start of the plugin and not at loading.
    – Added messageBox if problem with loading.
    – Memorization of the Metadata option.
    – Memorize the Frequency option.
    – Changes
    – To limit memory consumption, the graphs are displayed on the first 5 and on demand for the others (Display curves button on the windows.) This limit is stored in the SDRSharp.config or SDRSharp.exe.config file, depending on the version, after a correct first load of the plugin. RTL_433_plugin.nbDevicesWithGraph.
    – Limiting the devices window limit to 100, this limit is stored in the SDRSharp.config file
    or SDRSharp.exe.config depending on the version after a correct first load of the plugin. RTL_433_plugin.MaxDevicesWindows key
    (this value can be lowered if posts still have memory problems without the graphs).
    – Corrections
    – cu8 to wav. –> reminder:cu8(-S) and MONO and STEREO (cu8 to wav) files are located at the SDRSharp exe.
    The MONO and STEREO files generated from the device window are located in Recordings if it exists otherwise at the SDRSharp exe.


  6. Ivo

    rtl433 won’t start, the log shows :
    *** Plugin Close Error – 2021-05-24 11:17:23.577
    Display Name ‘RTL_433’
    Type ‘SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin, SDRSharp.Rtl_433, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’
    Message ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’
    Stack Trace
    at SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin.Close()
    at SDRSharp.MainForm.MainForm_Closing(Object sender, CancelEventArgs e)

    This is with SDR# Studio v1.0.0.1811 and the RTL-SDR TCP source. RTL-SDR works fine with other uses.

    Dependencies shows rtl_433.dll needs a missing “rtlsdr.dll”.

    • Philip

      I had the same with version 1811 of SDR#,
      Now managed to sort it out, The 3 .dlls l placed in a newly created folder, which then in turn goes within the previously empty ‘Plugins’ folder, Following that I then clicked on the ‘install-rtlsdr’ Windows batch file within SDR# and the Plugin installed, closed the file, reopened SDR# and the plugin is in the list of plugins on the left hand side, and have had a few decodes so far.
      In my case (as advised in previous replies) it was not necessary to install the ‘Magic line’ within the ‘Plugins XML’ Document.
      ps. I have no idea why this worked, just luck with experimenting!

    • marco402

      Hello Ivo

      I’m not repeating your problem, but maybe it’s from the Rtl_433_Plugin assembly and Graphlib,
      dll’s were loaded with GAC(cache) if they have the same version.
      I put these 2 assemblies back on github from version to version
      To rtl_433.dll which is not a . net assembly, see if pb try rebooting to clear the cache.

      For rtlsdr.dll, it is required for rtl_433, I have not done any testing in RTL-SDR TCP source
      I’ll see if I can try.

    • Marco402

      Hello Ivo
      With the RTL-SDR TCP source, the plugin normally runs.
      The settings are a bit different:

      Open SDRSharp
      Select the RTL-SDR TCP source.
      Configure source:
      -Sample rate=0.25MSPS
      -Select RTL AGC
      Start SDRSharp
      -Select Tuner AGC
      Start the plugin.


    • Javier

      I have had that same problem, I have been investigating if another Plugin could be interfering and I have verified that the Plugin Frequency Manager (FreqMan) updated by thewraith2008 was the problem. To solve it you have to uncheck the Track VFO Frequency option within the Plugin configuration. This plugin is not updated to net.5. I don’t know if it’s your problem but it has worked for me

      • marco402

        hello Javier
        First , thank you for your informations.

        I managed to see the problem but only 1 time, then rtl_433 loads even Track VFO checked.
        I wonder if for some configurations my plugin would not be too long to load especially the list of devices.
        I’ll see if I can leave it empty for loading and load it on demand.
        For cases where the problem only arrives at the first launch, I wonder if it’s not due to antivirus which takes time to check the new dll ?

        • Javier

          Hi Mark
          To load the RTL-433 plugin again, you have to close and open SdrSharp again, in my case every time I select Track VFO Frequency it always fails and gives the following error
          *** Plugin Close Error – 2021-05-27 10: 21: 35.151
          Display Name ‘RTL_433’
          Type ‘SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin, SDRSharp.Rtl_433, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = null’
          Message ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’
          Stack Trace
          at SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin.Close ()
          at SDRSharp.MainForm.MainForm_Closing (Object sender, CancelEventArgs e).
          Freqman version is from this link https://mega.nz/#F!WOhgiYjB!_V0Fr0eu3UxFWXzytAZsIA
          For future versions, you could save the Frequency Free and Mlevel options, so that when you start SdrSharp it returns to the previous frequency and not to 433.920?

          Congratulations on your great work

          • marco402

            For the closing error, it makes sense since there was a load problem.
            Memorize Mlevel, no problem on the other hand I do not understand for free normally
            the chosen frequency is validated on start plugin and does not change if free is chosen.

            • Javier

              Hi Marco,
              If for example I’m on 145,000 Mhz and I shut down and run SdrSharp again, it always returns to 433,920 Mhz, it should go back to the frequency I had which is 145,000

  7. Ivo

    I’m getting :
    *** Plugin Close Error – 2021-05-24 10:15:54.836
    Display Name ‘RTL_433’
    Type ‘SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin, SDRSharp.Rtl_433, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’
    Message ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’
    Stack Trace
    at SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin.Close()
    at SDRSharp.MainForm.MainForm_Closing(Object sender, CancelEventArgs e)

    SDR# is version v. I’m using RTL-SDR TCP as the source. I have an empty “plugins ” directory. GraphLib.dll, rtl_433.dll, SDRSharp.Rtl_433.dll are in the same directory as SDRSharp.exe

    Does the rtl-433 plugin have a debug mode ? What .net version does it require ?

  8. marco402

    hello new version on github:
    Version 1.11 May 2021
    – Developments
    – Added -C data conv option.
    – The device window displays the last 4 messages.
    I added these 2 options for TPMS messages for:
    – display pressure in kilo-pascal and temperature in degrees (SI option).
    – and to obtain the pressures of the 4 tyres.
    – Added pulse data curves to FSK.
    – Changes
    – Resumption of console management for cohabitation with other plugin with console (DSDPlus…)
    – Corrections
    – Fix to be able to replay the files generated by one shoot record (the 50000 samples to decrease
    the cycle time was not enough (recording the last 5 buffer of 50000).
    – Informations
    – The number of device windows is not limited by the code, the limitation is related to memory
    (order of magnitude for 130 windows : 1G of memory)
    – The plugin works with AirSpy R2.


  9. Philip

    Thanks for the reply, In the first version of instalation above, `– Delete the key if it is in plugins.xml.`
    where should it be placed ?

    • marco402

      it’s the file plugins.xml in the bin directory.

      for me, if all plugins are well installed in the plugins folder, then plugin.xml in the bin folder becomes useless.


  10. Philip

    I have sdr# version 1811, working with my Airspy R2, I have tried to install the 433 plugin, but it is not showing in the list of plugins ,The 3 dlls I have placed in the “Plugin” folder in sdr# and added the Magic line as described above, by edditing the Plugins.xml file, but nothing, Any ideas as to what I have missed or done wrong?
    I have previously added other plugins, eg TETRA, with no problems at all

    • marco402


      ## Installation
      ​Warning:2 different SDRSharp installations.

      Recent versions have sdrsharp.exe in a bin folder.
      In this case, position yourself in C: SDRSharp/plugins
      – Create a RTL_433 folder and place the 3 dll in it.
      – Important:Delete the 3 dll if they are in bin.
      – Delete the key if it is in plugins.xml.

      SDRSharp version without bin folder:
      – SDRSharp installation (tested with version
      – Place the files in the install folder (SDRSharp.Rtl_433.dll rtl_433.dll and GraphLib.dll) in the SDRSharp folder.
      – Add the line add key=”RTL_433″ value=”SDRSharp.Rtl_433.Rtl_433_Plugin, SDRSharp . Rtl_433″ /> in the plugins.xml file


    • Marco402

      I don’t know hackrf and especially I don’t have the hardware interface.

      Can you still tell me:
      1- Does rtl_433 software work with your hackrf hardware?
      It seems possible:https://github.com/merbanan/rtl_433/issues/1530
      2- Does your hackrf hardware work with SDRSharp software?
      3- Is your configuration not working hardware + hackrf software?
      4- If your configuration that does not work is hackrf hardware + SDRSharp, what are the symptoms?


  11. Marco402

    After configuring SDRSharp (see chapter configuration, this information is initially recalled in the plugin window).
    Configure source button:
    Sampling mode:quadrature sampling
    Sample Rate:0.25 MSPS (value of rtl433)
    RTL AGC:on.(not the AGC panel)
    Tuner AGC:on.
    So is the frequency.

    The play button of SDR validates the start button of the sdr_433 plugin.
    Start button to activate the plugin.
    Then wait for a recognized message.

    The -MLevel button just adds 4 informations to the device window.

    for more details on rtl_433 see https://triq.org/rtl_433/OPERATION.html#inputs

    I have tested SDRSharp 1788,1811 and original version on github, three are OK for me.

    For information
    I have open a new topic forum https://www.rtl-sdr.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6491

  12. tester

    433 “standalone” i have working for some time. SDR# plugin i dont see the screens popup (not with Mlevel). What SDR# i need to use, 1711 or newer 18XX

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