SDRplay Spectrum Analyzer Software Updated to V1.0a

Steve Andrew, the author of the SDRplay Spectrum Analyzer software has recently released an update which enables several new features. This software allows you to use SDRplay SDRs to scan a wide swath of bandwidth by rapidly scanning in 10 MHz (or less) chunks over the SDRplay's frequency range. The SDRplay team write:

We are pleased to announce the availability of V1.0a of the Spectrum Analyser software developed by Steve Andrew specifically for the RSP line of products. This is a very-much upgraded version of the original alpha release and includes many new features as well as removing the limitations imposed on the previous version. New features include multiple traces, a versatile marker system with maths, peak find and display functions, Zero or non-Zero IF options and an upgraded tracking generator system. Currently support are: 

RSPduo (single tuner mode)

SDRplay Spectrum Analyzer
SDRplay Spectrum Analyzer
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G Bubb

I do wish people would say when their programme does not work with WinXP. Plenty of us are still using it.


I do wish people don’t tell me they still are using WinXP in 2019. It’s the most insecure and “dangerous” OS to be on ever. Please migrate to a newer OS. And if you have a older computer that can’t run newer windows version. Find a low footprint Linux distro. Do it for your and others sake.


Had a chance to run this for an hour this arvo with my RSP1a from 12 MHz up to the 900MHz area and mess around with settings. This is a very nice addition to the growing SDRplay stable. Well done Steve!


Does RSP Spectrum analyzer work with the RTL-SDR? I can’t seem to get it to connect. Thanks.


No, RSPs only.


It doesn’t work with Windows XP, after installation it says “Not a valid Win32 application.” That should have been stated on the download page…