SignalsEverywhere: P25 Trunking with Just One RTL-SDR and DSDPlus Fastlane

Over on YouTube Corrosive from the SignalsEverywhere channel has uploaded a new video showing us how to set up P25 trunking and decoding with DSDPlus Fastlane and only a single RTL-SDR.

Normally two dongles are required to follow a P25 trunking system. One dongle continuously receives the trunking channel, and a second tunes to the voice channel chosen by the trunking channel. However, the latest DSDPlus Fastlane has a feature that allows one only dongle to be used. It works by tuning back and forth between the control and voice channel. The disadvantage is that trunking information could be missed while tuned to a voice channel, so some calls could be missed.

RTL SDR Setup P25 Trunking With 1 SDR and DSDPlus FastLane

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Has anyone received any updates from fastlane lately? I Subscribed but haven’t received anything from the project…


The version released around Christmas contains functionality to check for updates. They don’t send out emails anymore.


Mike Frisco

I, and many other scanner-oriented users would love to be able to buy a compact, dual-tuner RTL-SDR. Two tuners, one antenna, one USB. Kerberos is a bit overkill for our needs (in capability and cost). Just something to consider!