SignalsEverywhere: What SDR To Buy? Choose the Right one For You

Over on his YouTube channel SignalsEverywhere, Corrosive has just released a new video titled "Software Defined Radio Introduction | What SDR To Buy? | Choose the Right one For You". The video is an introduction to low cost software defined radios and could be useful if you're wondering which SDR you should purchase.

The video includes a brief overview of the Airspy, KerberosSDR, PlutoSDR, LimeSDR Mini, HackRF, SDRplay RSPduo and various RTL-SDR dongles. In addition to the hardware itself Corrosive also discusses the compatible software available for each SDR.

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How about a WEB SITE with images and text, over videos.

Not interested in videos or podcasts or anything like it. Just a nice clean web site I can visit for info. Images if you need them.

Also don’t want to support y**t*be with their anti group think policies by banning voices they don’t like which don’t agree withe their lib agenda.




100% agree! tired of sitting through “wanna be reporters” videos. much nicer to be presented with the facts on cleanly layed out page.


How about you fuck off and do your own website? You entitled cunt.


awww..looks like someone needs a hug.


I feel ya. I would prefer the crude home made web pages of +15 years ago to youtube videos. Actually some of both would be ok. Please stop the moronic clickbait thumbnails though people!

Heres a tip, if you scroll through the comments on almost any video you can find one where someone mentions the timestamp of the actual information.


I like the video and podcast format. Gives me a chance to ingest information while i’m working. Don’t like videos? Don’t watch them.


No mention of the awesomely sensitive (at least in the 450+ MHz range) orange FlightAware dongles. Lame.