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Frugal Radio: Monitoring VHF Airband Aviation Frequencies at the Airport

Rob from Frugal Radio has recently uploaded the next video in his airband monitoring series. In this video Rob explains various airband communications that can be received from the airport, and explains about needing to be in the line of sight of an airport in order to receive them.

He goes on to explain signals and airport radio communications channels such as ATIS, Clearance Delivery, Tower, Arrivals (Approach), Departures, Radar and Terminal communications. The video provides various examples of these communications being received with an SDRplay software defined radio.

Monitoring VHF Airband Aviation Frequencies at the Airport

An Overview of Aircraft Communication Modes from HF to UHF

Over on YouTube icholakov has uploaded an informative video that gives an overview of the main communication modes that aircraft use from HF to UHF. In the video he also gives examples of those modes being received and decoded with an SDR.

The modes that he explains and demonstrates are VHF voice, VHF ATIS automated weather, ACARS short data messages, HF voice, HF automatic weather, HF data selective calling (SELCAL), HF data link (HFDL) and UHF ADS-B aircraft positioning.

2018: Monitoring airplane communications (aviation radio signal monitoring via sdr)