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Receiving and Decoding Data from an Esophageal Monitor Inside the Body

Blogger Dolske has recently posted about how he was able to receive and decode signals coming from inside his body. The signals originated from a Bravo Ph Esophageal monitor which is a small wireless sensor that is attached inside your body by a doctor. It is used to monitor pH levels within the body to help diagnose esophageal problems such as acid reflux. The monitor remains in the body for a number of days continually sending data to an external monitoring device which records and logs the pH data.

Bravo pH Esophageal Monitor
Bravo pH Esophageal Monitor

Using his RTL-SDR, Dolse was able to capture the wireless monitors signal using information he found about the monitor online. He found that the monitor used amplitude-shift keying and transmitted at 433.92 MHz. After capturing some signals with the RTL-SDR, he looked at the captured waveform in Audacity and was able to decode a few packets by hand. Finally, he went even further and wrote a Firefox browser based decoder which decodes and displays the pH data on screen.

Web Interface for Showing Decoded pH data from the Esophageal monitor.
Web Interface for Showing Decoded pH data from the Esophageal monitor.

Decoding Efergy Energy Monitor Signals with RTL-SDR

An Efergy energy monitor is a wireless device with an LCD screen that shows how much power your household is using. The device is useful for helping reduce power usage by determining what appliances cause the largest power draw.

Nathaniel Elijah has posted on his blog about how he was able to create an RTL-SDR based decoder for the FSK data transmissions sent out by the Efergy energy monitor. His program receives and decodes the transmissions, saving the data to an excel file for later analysis.

Gough Lui from the Goughs Techzone blog has also attempted decoding these energy monitors as well, and has written a large writeup on his experiences.

Update: Gough Lui has been working on extending Nathaniels software and now has it working in Windows, and sending broadcast UDP packets of the received data.

Decoding an Efergy Energy Meter with RTL-SDR
Decoding an Efergy Energy Meter with RTL-SDR and a Raspberry Pi

Receiving, Decoding and Decrypting GSM with the RTL-SDR : YouTube Talk and Slides

A few days ago we posted about how Domi aka Domonkos Tomcsányi wrote on his blog about decoding and decrypting GSM signals from your own cell phones. Domi also did a talk at the CampZero conference which has now been uploaded to YouTube. His slides can be obtained from this link.

CampZer0 // Domonkos Tomcsányi: GSM - have we overslept the last wake-up call?