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Demonstrating the RTL-SDR based “Etch-A-SDR” Portable SDR

Over on YouTube user devnulling has uploaded a video showing his “Etch-A-SDR” project. This project involved creating an all-in-one SDR device out of an Odroid C1, Teensy 3.1 and an RTL-SDR dongle. The Odroid C1 is an embedded computer, similar to the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Teensy 3.1 is a microcontroller development board. The “Etch-A-SDR” is named as such because of its resemblance to an Etch-A-Sketch toy. It has two knobs that can be used for tuning and several side buttons for changing demodulation modes etc.

Upon boot the Etch-A-SDR opens GQRX and is ready for tuning within seconds of turning it on. In addition to using it as a portable SDR with GQRX the Etch-A-SDR can also be booted into normal Linux mode and into Etch-A-Sketch mode, where it operates as a normal Etch-A-Sketch toy.

The code can be downloaded from https://github.com/devnulling/etch-a-sdr.

The Etch-A-SDR portable SDR
The Etch-A-SDR portable SDR