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Decoding DAB with an RTL-SDR and SDR-J On an Odroid C2

The Odroid C2 is a $40 USD single board computer with a 1.5 GHz ARM-A53 quad core CPU and 2 GB of RAM. Compared to a Raspberry Pi 3 it is more powerful and costs almost the same. YouTube uploader radio innovation recently wrote into us and wanted to share his video showing SDR-J decoding DAB+ smoothly on his Odroid C2. It seems that SDR-J works perfectly and only uses a small amount of CPU.

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcast and is a replacement/alternative to standard broadcast FM stations. SDR-J is a software suite that includes a DAB decoder for the RTL-SDR. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and the Raspberry Pi (and evidently also the Odroid C2). Over on their website they also provide a ready to go Raspberry Pi 2 image, and they write that it should perform well on the Rpi2 platform as well.

We’ve also seen that there is a new variant of SDR-J for the Raspberry Pi (and potentially other similar devices) available on GitHub. This one has a nice touch screen friendly GUI, which should be useful for creating a cheap portable DAB device.

Alternative SDR-J Raspberry Pi GUI
New SDR-J Variant for the Raspberry Pi with nice GUI

Using the Airspy on an Odroid C2

The Odroid C2 is a $40 single board computer with a 2 GHz ARM-A53 quad core CPU and 2GB of RAM. Compared to a Raspberry Pi 3 it is more powerful and costs about the same. The Airspy R2/Mini is a $199/$99 USD software defined radio that can tune from 24 – 1800 MHz, uses a 12-bit ADC and has a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz. The Airspy wesbite generally recommends that a relatively powerful 3rd generation Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz processor is required for the Airspy.

However, recently the Odroid C2 has proved itself powerful enough to run the Airspy in full 10 MHz mode in GQRX, though without demodulation. On his website Michael DG0OPK shows some screenshots that show the Airspy+Spyverter upconverter combo running on an Odroid C2 and demodulating with the WSJT-X software, running GQRX and running as a spectrum analyzer.

Over on YouTube user radio innovation has also uploaded a video showing the Airspy running GQRX on an Odroid C2.