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Tech Minds: Introducing the SDRplay RSPdx-R2 and SDR Connect Preview 3

At the end of last week, we posted how SDRplay released the RSPdx-R2, an updated version of their RSPdx product. Recently Matt from the Tech Minds YouTube channel received his RSPdx-R2 and has uploaded a video comparing the RSPdx-R2 to the previous model. His results show that the new model has an improved lower noise floor, resulting in signals with higher SNR. 

In his tests, Matt uses the SDR Connect Preview 3 software. This is the latest version of SDRplay's new custom multiplatform software that they are developing. While testing the RSPdx-R2, Matt allows shows some of the new features in SDR Connect Preview 3, including a new Audio peak hold graph, FM MPX view, and a new frequency manager.

Introducing The New SDRPlay RSPdx R2 & SDR Connect Preview 3