Tech Minds: Review of the MLA-30 Active HF Loop Antenna

Over on YouTube Tech Minds has uploaded a new video where he reviews the MLA-30 active HF loop antenna. In the past we have posted about the MLA-30 antenna a several times on the blog as it is the cheapest active loop antenna available on the market, can be powered by the RTL-SDR Blog V3's bias tee, and generally loop antennas can give good HF performance in a small package. In the video he compares the MLA-30 against an end-fed halfwave antenna and concludes that the MLA-30 works well at the lower frequencies, but not so well in the higher bands.

MLA-30 Active HF Loop Antenna

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Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson

The MLA-30+ is significantly better than the MLA-30 on MW and above 10 MHz. This video compares the two.


I have an mla 30 plus and it’s a decent performer, it’s a good value for $40.


PERFORMANCE TEST MLA 30 PLUS VS MLA 30 Original Amplified magnetic loop antenna