The K-180WLA: A New Low Cost Battery Powered Active Loop Antenna

We've recently seen a few submissions about a new low cost active magnetic loop antenna called the K-180WLA which sells for around US$50 - US$60 over on eBay and Aliexpress. While it appears to be very similar to the well known MLA-30 loop, it's main defining feature is that it's power feeder is battery powered via a built in Lithium ion cell which would make it useful for portable operation. It also advertises a wide usable frequency range of 0.1 - 180 MHz with an amplified gain of 20 dB. They note it can also be pushed up to 450 MHz with reduced gain of 8.9 dB. The battery run time or power draw is not advertised. They write:

  • The P.BOX feed box has a built-in 3.7V 18650 flat-head lithium battery with integrated power supply module. It is the only active antenna that does not require an external power supply and integrates a charge management chip. The MICRO USB charging port is compatible with the 5V charging head of Android phones. And charging cable, very easy to use.
  • UHF low-noise preamplifier is used. The gain flatness is very good within the ultra-wide operating frequency of 0.1-180MHZ. It provides a gain of about 20DB, even when working to 450MHZ gain, there is still about 8.9DB.
  • The receiving frequency covers long wave, medium wave, short wave, FM broadcasting band and VHF aviation band. The small ring diameter 55CM is simple to set up. It can be set up outside the window, balcony, terrace and roof. Lovers erected.
  • All the screws of the antenna are made of 304 stainless steel, and the preamplifier box is fully waterproof, which can be used for long-term outdoor wind and rain.
  • Suitable models include Desheng S-2000 PL-660 PL-880 ICOM R71E YAESU FRG-8800 and all short-wave receivers, especially for SDR receivers.


    The antenna is equipped with a dual SMA male adapter cable, an SMA to 3.5 plug adapter cable, and an S2000 BNC adapter, which means that your radio can be used with SMA female, BNC, and 3.5 jacks. Requires additional accessories. Receivers and radios with other interfaces need their own adapters.

We've ordered a unit and plan to compare it against the MLA-30, Wellbrook and YouLoop (with optional HF amplifier that is to be released soon) in a future post. This loop is also being discussed over on the SWLing Post Blog.

The K-180WLA Loop Antenna
The K-180WLA Loop Antenna
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I bought this antena and it finally arrived today. The box to which the ring is attached contains a little plastic box with black goo inside that connects to a N type connector (I believe it is N type) through 2 solid copper wires. The other box contains a 18650 battery and a circuit, but unfortunately the chip lable is unreadable. Here are some images of the inside of that box For the moment I haven’t been able to receive any hf with it and I don’t have my sdr radios so I’ll have to wait until I either receive something with my tecsun pl310et or until I receive my airspy hf+ discovery…


Ok so maybe it was because of the weather conditions, it now detected 30 broadcast stations when it only detected 10 with the telescopic antenna. Can’t wait until my airspy hf+ discovery arrives.


hi this is a little off the subject but my question is can you (or maybe Nooelec) please make a version of this splitter:
with SMA connectors rather than BNCs to use one antenna with multiple SDRs. it would make comparing SDRs or dedicating an RTL-SDR to one task while using the antenna on another SDR much easier.

Anonymous coward ;)

(apology, this ‘ha, ha’ should be under X’s comment about use by children)


Despite some negative comments I’ve read about the possibility that a noisy voltage multiplier could be used in the circuit, I bought this antenna. My first real antenna, yay! 46€ on aliexpress (now it’s around 50€). I guess that if there’s indeed a noisy voltage multiplier I might just measure what the final voltage is and just bypass it and just add more batteries or whatever. I plan to use it as a portable antenna


Ha, ha, ha


“The small ring diameter 55CM is simple to set up. It can be set up outside the window, balcony, terrace and roof. Lovers erected.”


With that comment, I’m not sure if this antenna is for use by children!