Tech Minds: Testing the Jstvro Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

In one of his latest videos Matt from the Tech Minds YouTube channel tests out the "Jstvro" handheld spectrum analyzer which can be found on sites like Banggood and Aliexpress (the device is cheaper on Aliexpress) for about US$127.50 for the single antenna model, and US$165 for the dual antenna model including shipping. The device appears to be a clone of the RF Explorer, which is a spectrum analyzer that has been on the market for several years.

A spectrum analyzer can be used to visualize the RF spectrum and find frequencies that are active. It cannot demodulate signals like an SDR.

The Jstvro spectrum analyzer covers 240-960 MHz on the first port and 15 - 2700 MHz on the second port, with a total visible bandwidth of anywhere between 112 kHz to 600 MHz. It comes with a single color illuminated LCD screen.

In the video Matt gives an overview of the spectrum analyzer and shows it operating. He notes that the USB-C connection to the PC does not appear to be working and Matt was unable to find the PC software or firmware updates mentioned in the manual. In the rest of the video Matt demonstrates the 2.4G WiFi analyzer feature, the spectrum analyzer feature and goes over the settings.

Visualize the RF Spectrum With This Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

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Seems kind of pointless considering you can get a TinySA Ultra for the same price.

That gets you a full color screen, and PC connection/control ability.

Mike N7MSD

I’ve been wondering the same thing for probably a decade+: I even bought one some years ago and found it rather difficult to use. No wonder the RFExplorer guys are now charging for firmware, which is no doubt signed.