The SWLing Post Reviews the YouLoop Passive Loop Antenna

Over on the SWLing (Short Wave Listening) Post blog Thomas has just uploaded his review of the YouLoop in a post titled "The Airspy Youloop is a freaking brilliant passive loop antenna". If you weren't aware, we are currently selling this loop in our store for US$34.95 incl. free worldwide shipping to most countries. Sales are currently in pre-order as our first batch of units ordered sold out within a day, but we're soon going to receive the second batch in the next few days. 

Thomas is a seasoned shortwave listener who has used many antennas, and in the review he notes that he is extremely impressed with the performance. In his review he tests the antenna in a location that is swimming with RFI and places the loop in the middle of a bedroom. Although the situation is not ideal, Thomas was surprised at the number of signals he was able to receive.

To work properly the YouLoop requires a low noise figure radio like the recommended Airspy HF+ discovery, but Thomas notes that he's also had excellent success with the SDRplay RSPdx running in HDR mode.

YouLoop Portable Passive Magnetic Loop Antenna for HF and VHF
YouLoop Portable Passive Magnetic Loop Antenna for HF and VHF
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How would the YouLoop be as a noise sensing antenna for the MFJ1026 with the main antenna being the MLA-30 active loop?

Mike N7MSD

There is lack of info in both articles about what exactly a HDR receiver is. While I don’t have a list of receivers (it’s implied most SDRs better than a Realtek are), here is a very technical article written 41 years ago. It likely applies today as the low end of what should be expected, while high end (using SDR with a lot of bits in the ADC and/or DAC) should likely be far better:


SWLingPost to me is the ultimate source of up-to-the-minute news and information on shortwave listening.

Loops are especially helpful to those with limited space and perform very well for their size. Adding a rotator increases their usefulness. I don’t have that particular loop but mine is an excellent performer on long- and medium wave. As for HF reception it is on par with my 31 foot vertical. Try one, you may like it.

Thanks Thomas for the great work and thanks Carl for posting.

Jerry Neves

Just tried YouLoop passive antenna on the Eton E1 receiver as well as the Sony 2010.
Apparently this Loop needs to be used in SDR receivers to perform alright and pick lots of signals. When I connected to the Eton and Sony 2010, the antenna hardly picks up any signals!!!
Why is that??? Can someone enlighten me?
Any comments appreciated,
Best regards,
Jerry Neves