Video on Receiving HF Signals with the RTL-SDR Blog V3

Over on YouTube TheSmokinApe has uploaded a video showing how to use the direct sampling mode on RTL-SDR Blog V3 devices to receive HF transmissions, such as the ham bands, short wave and AM broadcast. In the video he shows how to activate direct sampling mode in SDR#, and then goes on to show reception of a few HF signals.

We note that an appropriate HF capable antenna is required to receive HF signals. The multipurpose dipole kits we sell are for VHF/UHF reception only. A simple and low cost HF antenna could just be a long wire running through your house.

HF Ham Radio with RTL-SDR Made EASY!

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one day i might join this wrathful horde of hamdongle haters who succumbed to these technology. I do feel im not gonna get it, and together with the money I have spent so far in antennas (22 euros), these adventure finished will…

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Hanns Muller SWL

1st releas 2011/2012. After 10 years boring as f*.