Testing a YouLoop on an RTL-SDR Blog V3 with Direct Sampling

Thank you to Frugal Radio for submitting a YouTube video where he tests the YouLoop on an RTL-SDR Blog V3 running in direct sampling mode. The YouLoop is a passive HF loop antenna that requires a highly sensitive SDR like the Airspy HF+ Discovery to work at its full potential. However, in direct sampling mode the RTL-SDR Blog V3 does have enough sensitivity to work with the antenna to some extent thanks to the HF amplifier that is used on the direct sampling circuit. In the video Frugal Radio demonstrates the YouLoop receiving various HF signals.

Will an AirSpy YouLoop work with an RTL-SDR v3 on HF in direct sampling mode? It shouldn't...

We also note a second video by Bartłomiej Marcinkowski which shows an RTL-SDR Blog V3 in direct sampling mode running with a DIY YouLoop and MiniWhip. The MiniWhip does have increased signal strength, but the YouLoop is still usable and may be a better choice in the presence of interference. Later in the video he compares the RTL-SDR Blog V3 with MiniWhip against the Airspy HF+ Discovery with DIY YouLoop. 

RTL-SDR v3 & YouLoop vs RTL-SDR v3 & MiniWhip vs AirSpy HF+ Discovery & YouLoop [80m,40m,20m]

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Looks very nice.

Jake Brodsky, AB3A

A couple thoughts: First, how much RF noise is in the bias supply of the MiniWhip and how well decoupled is the MiniWhip from that noise? Sure enough, the PA0RDT design may have a decent third order intercept point, but it won’t help a whole lot if the noise is coming in from the power supply.

I would have been more impressed if the test had included two completely passive antennas of the same kind or two identical installations of the PA0RDT MiniWhip. This would have been much more enlightening. In any case, I was impressed that the RTL-SDR performed as well as it did. I may have to try the same thing with mine.

Bartlomiej M.

Re-comment because previous one was marked as spam.. or smtg. I’m really suprised to see my video here. MiniWhip was powered with battery, mounted on PVC mast and well grounded. It was more amateur curiosity fan video than deep technical analysis. I have two RTL-SDRs, YouLoop, MiniWhip and AirSpyHF+ .My goal was to compare reception with two different antennas not comparison of SDR hardware. Results were posted on Polish RTL-SDR facebook group. AirSpy HF+ part was just a bonus. My conclusion: RTL-SDR v3 + MiniWhip works amazingly and AirSpy HF+ + YouLoop is just astonishing.