Video Tutorial: Recording Audio with SDR# and Audacity

On Eric Williams YouTube channel Eric has posted a video showing how he records audio from his RTL-SDR using SDR# and Audacity. Although SDR# can record audio itself, the advantage to using Audacity is that you can set up Voice Activation (VOX), which will only record audio when someone is speaking or when a digital signal is active. This allows you to listen to a summary of communications at a later time.

RTL-SDR - Voice Activated Recording with Audacity

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Eric van den Bosch

Hi Eric,
Thanks for sharing. I use Audiocorder instead of Audacity but still with a scaner (Very soon I will setup and sdr). It can record every transmission separately WITH A TIMESTAMP! So you can see afterwards at what time and date the transmission was made. I use this setup to listen to emergency-freqs of Amsterdam Schiphol airport, which occasionally is in use, which is pretty cool.

Joe Cachia

Great vid. Thanks for this.

How do you use the Lame mp3 encoder? Do you install it and is used by Audacity ? do you need to somehow to select it via Audacity ?