Windows Binary of GQRX Released

Gqrx has long been one of the most commonly used pieces of software defined radio software for Linux and MacOS. However, it has never had a Windows release until just two days ago when the team released an experimental Windows binary.

We gave the new Windows binary a test with our RTL-SDR Blog V4 and everything works just fine. If you want to give it a go, just be aware that Chrome and many antivirus programs will flag the zip as suspicious. However, this is just a false positive, since this is the first release and the file doesn't have a long history on the web.

To download it, go to the Gqrx releases page on Github, and download the latest file from under Assets.

GQRX now on Windows
GQRX now on Windows
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Test with rtl-sdr v.3


I’ve had GQRX running on Windows since at least 2016.

It was included with the installation of GNU Radio for Windows!
GR Version 3.7 (Python 2) and Version 3.8 (Python 3) had it for sure.

Anyhow thanks for your great blog 🙂