WWV and WWVH Special Messages to Broadcast!

Starting from Monday September 16th and continuing through to October 1st, both WWV and WWVH shortwave time signal transmission stations will broadcast a special message from the Department of Defense to mark the centennial of WWV. These messages will be heard on 2.5, 5, 10, and 15 MHz. In addition from September 28 to October 2 a special WWV event will occur:

The world’s oldest radio station, WWV, turns 100 years on October 1, 2019, and we are celebrating!

From September 28 through October 2, 2019, the Northern Colorado ARC and WWV ARC, along with help from RMHam, FCCW, and operators from across the country, are planning 24-hour operations of special event station WW0WWV on CW, SSB and digital modes. Operations will shift between HF bands following normal propagation changes and will include 160m and 6m meteor scatter. We will be operating right at the WWV site and face a challenging RF environment.

WWV is a [NIST] operated HF station based in Fort Collins, Colorado. It continuously broadcasts a continuous Universal Coordinated Time signal in addition to occasional voice announcements. It has been on the air since 1919 but began continuous broadcasts in 1945 from it’s final site in Fort Collins, Colorado. WWVH is a similar time signal, but based in Hawaii.

The WWV Transmit Building

The WWV time signal can be used to automatically set RF enabled clocks to the correct time. [Andreas Spiess] on YouTube recently uploaded a video where he emulates this signal in order to control clocks within his home. This is a great watch if you’d like to learn more about how these time signals work.

The time format itself is actually pretty simple and it’s possible to emulate with a number of devices from an Arduino to Raspberry Pi and of course Software Defined Radio.

#287 Remote Controller for Clocks (IKEA and others, DCF77, WWVB, MSF, JJY)

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The time format it’s possible to emulate with an Android device:


no operation tests were performed.

Spoofing GPSTime, Radio Control Time DCF77,WWVB,JJY and FakeBTS GSMTime can destroing Radio Control Network Time Protocol NTP Server and Device. Impact to protocols,certificates,updates, firmware and more. The market offers various “NTP to Radio” solutions.

Dave H

According to Wikipedia:

“at :10 past the hour WWV transmits a Department of Defense message if any exists; WWVH does the same at :50 past the hour.”



Same question here, and the ARRL article does not offer much insight. I’m going to tune-in over the weekend (too much RF noise on my weekday QTH). On good nights it used to be easy to pickup WWV here on GG40 (39S 51W) with just a 10m longwire thrown out the window, but it has been many years since I indulged in the pleasures of shortwave listening.


After reading this announcement I tuned to WWV but I didn’t hear any special message . Is their a time that the message is given out ?????????????????????