YouTube Video Replicates our Galactic Hydrogen Line Detection Tutorial

Earlier in the year we posted a tutorial showing how to detect the Galactic Hydrogen Line at home with less than $200 in components. All that is really needed is a 2.4 GHz WiFi dish, an RTL-SDR and an LNA. With this setup it's possible to do home science like determining the size, shape and rotational speed of our own galaxy. 

Over on YouTube user Nicks Tech Hobby has successfully replicated our tutorial with similar hardware, and has uploaded a time lapse video showing his results. His success confirms that this is a good way to get introduced into radio astronomy. What's also interesting is that it is possible to spot the Hydrogen line energy on the live waterfall even without averaging/integration. 

My first successful attempt to detect galactic hydrogen (Hydrogen line)

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Congratulations ! Very Well Done .. my first attempts were not as good ..Was AGC On/Off ? ( just wondering about the levels shifts ) THANKS, Alex


wow.. i had very good luck too from your great tutorial.. here’s first pass attempt but forgot to calibrate the if averaging.. fixed now.. thanks