Goestools Now Ported to Run on Windows

Thank you to Carl Reinemann (aka USRadioGuy) for letting us know through his blog post that goestools has recently been ported to Windows. Goestools is a software package that is used to receive and decode images from GOES weather satellites. In the past it was only available for Linux systems, however recently thanks to the work of Jamie Vital, goestools has now been ported and can run on Windows. Carl Reinemann has confirmed that the software runs perfectly on Windows. Our GOES tutorial should also be easily modified to work with the Windows port.

The Windows port can be downloaded from goestools-win on GitHub. If you are interested, Jamie Vital is also the author of Vitality GOES, which is a program that can display the received weather images in a nice GUI.

Alternatively we note that another cross platform GOES decoder is SatDump which is currently the most popular choice for GOES.

Goestools on Windows
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I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. SatDump works ok, so I doubt it’s the hardware, but no matter how much tweaking I do to the config file, I maybe get a few packets on the first iteration, but then nothing but dropped packets. I’m using a new RTL-SDR too. Any help is very appreciated!

Jamie Vital

For future readers: this has been resolved – it was a gain issue. You can read about it at https://github.com/JVital2013/goestools-win/discussions/4


Guess what I am doing next