KerberosSDR: One Week of Discounted Preorders Remaining

Just a reminder that one week remains in the KerberosSDR Indiegogo campaign. This is your last chance to grab a KerberosSDR at a discounted preorder price. And at the time of posting there are still 50 "second early bird" units remaining at a discounted price of only $115 USD.

If you weren't already aware, over the past few months we've been working with the engineering team at to create a 4x Coherent RTL-SDR that we're calling KerberosSDR. A coherent RTL-SDR allows you to perform interesting experiments such as RF direction finding, passive radar and beam forming. In conjunction with developer Tamas Peto, we have also had developed open source demo software for the board, which allows you to test direction finding and passive radar. The open source software also provides a good DSP base for extension.

More information available on our KerberosSDR page, and the Indiegogo page.


Due to the higher than anticipated number of preorders, we have been able to immediately fund further work on improving the demo software, and will be able to continue to work on improving it throughout this and next year. First on the agenda is improving the code buffering structure and DSP processing speed. Shortly after we'll be looking at adding additional features to aide with calibration and direction finding.

We have also now begun ordering parts, begun prototyping the metal enclosure, and have finalized the PCB. Manufacturing is on track to begin shortly after the campaign ends.

KerberosSDR with Calibration Board Attached (Metal Enclosure with SMA connectors Not Shown)
KerberosSDR Prototype with Calibration Board Attached (Metal Enclosure with SMA connectors Not Shown)
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I can’t wait. I’m excited the most about the Radio Direction Finding capability.
I’m really hoping the software will have a USB GPS input and an electronic compass (I2C/SPI) input to be able to do 3 things:
1. Easily calibrate the DF array while setup stationary (what direction is my array pointing?) or mobile on a vehicle.
2. GPS can synchronize an eventual ‘networked DF system’ for worldwide DF system.
3. GPS and electronic compass is needed to DF signals while mobile.

I like the idea of mounting all of this and a Tinkerboard-S with a big tablet battery in a DF array enclosure. That way it can be placed on top of a vehicle and we can web into it with a smartphone from inside the vehicle.

By electronic compass I mean something like: Triple-axis Accelerometer+Magnetometer (Compass) Board – LSM303


Do you plan to program a Gnuradio block for KerberosSDR? This would anable a lot of fuctionality…


KerberosSDR will appear as four normal RTL-SDRs on your PC, so all functionality is already there incluing GNURadio.


Thanks for your promt answer . But are they (4 SDRs) then already coherent in GnuRadio/or other software?



I have ordered the unit and preparing antenna arrays for some selected frequency ranges I want to monitor.
Can you please confirm the exact SMA plug type designation for pigtail cables ending up being mounted to the chassis?
Male/female – RP or not.

The reason for asking is that I want to use the correct matching plug at my antenna cables, to avoid additional adapter pieces.



I already got male SMA expecting the Kerberos to have female SMA based on what the V3 dongle has and the stuff I got from nooelec in the past…of course I’m still just assuming at this point and could be totally wrong so I would be interested in knowing this as well.


I would also be interested and assume the same thing.

Planning to put an antenna array on the mobile for future RDF use. Cannot wait 🙂