Listening to a Radio Amateur Stratosphere Balloon with an RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user kpappa has uploaded a video showing his reception of the J43VHF radio amateur stratosphere balloon with an RTL-SDR dongle and discone antenna. On the 10th of May radio amateurs in Greece launched a high altitude balloon. The balloon carried a transceiver payload which allowed amateurs to talk to each other via the balloon at a frequency of 144.200 MHz. The video shows good reception of the balloon and also shows it’s tracking via

More information about the balloon can be found at and

The high altitude balloon's radio payload recovered after landing.
The high altitude balloon’s radio payload recovered after landing.
Tracking J43VHF (Radio Amateur Stratosphere Balloon) by RTL-SDR & Diamond Discone D3000N Antenna

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Eleftherios Kosmas

A team of the SatNOGS project (featured in previous posts) has tested their rotator equipment in this balloon flight too: