Massdrop: Group Software Defined Radio Purchasing

Over on the r/rtlsdr subreddit forum many users are attempting to combine their purchasing power to initiate a ‘massdrop’ for a higher end software defined radio. Massdrop is a service that allows for large group purchases to be made. When a large group comes together to buy the same product the product manufacturer will often be able to offer better wholesale prices due to the increased sales volume.

The Massdrop service also allows for the group to vote on the most desired product. Currently the group is voting for several SDR’s including the SDRplay, HackRF, BladeRF, Airspy, USRP, Red Pitaya, Apache Labs and Perseus SDRs. Currently winning the vote at the time of this post going live is the SDRplay, with the HackRF coming in a close second. Once 200 total votes are reached a representative from Massdrop will contact the manufacturer of the most desired SDR and try to work out a deal for the group buy. There are 147 total votes at the moment, so they are almost at the threshold of being able to initiate negotiations.

If you want to take part in the Massdrop sign up to their website at and then visit the SDR voting link at (you must be logged in to see the SDR voting page).

If you’re interested in learning more about these higher end radios then we have a list of several SDR’s available here, and a review of the Airspy, SDRplay and HackRF here.

Current voting at the time of posting for the Massdrop.
Current voting at the time of this post for the Massdrop.
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