New Tool to Convert Between SDR# and SDR++ Frequency List Formats

Thank you to 'thewsoftware' over on our forums who has shared with us his SDR# <-> SDR++ frequency list converter (sdrfc) software. SDR# and SDR++ are two popular SDR programs often used with the RTL-SDR, but each uses a different format for storing custom frequency lists.

The new sdrfc tool allows users to easily convert frequency lists between SDR# and SDR++ formats, so you don't need to manually type out a frequency list for both programs.

The sdrfc is a Windows command line tool and instructions for using it can be found on the GitHub Readme. A release zip file is available on the GitHub Releases page.

SDR# <-> SDR++ Frequency Converter Readme
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Brian.. did you get this to work ? Not working for me but I suspect the issue is with me :). I’m converting my SDR# ‘frequencies.xml’ file to an SDR++ ‘frequency_manager_config.json’ file. Is this the correct procedure ? Also, I tried removing any special characters from the starting SDR# file.. just in case that was the issue, but still no luck. Many thanks. Terry


For what it’s worth. I had the same problem. It turned out I had a lot of double entries in de naming of frequency locations in SDR#. I used Visual Studio Code to analyse the problem. Edited the converted frequency list to see what would solve the problem. In the end (with no warnings in VSC anymore) the list loaded perfectly.


Nice one. I wish someone could do the same for SDR# and SDR console, Ham radio deluxe etc