Tech Minds: Review of the KiwiSDR 2

Earlier this year the KiwiSDR 2 became available for purchase and began shipping out to customers. The KiwiSDR 2 is an upgraded version of the original KiwiSDR with the main upgrades being an enhanced RF front end and the addition of a digital attenuator.

Over on the Tech Minds YouTube channel, Matt received his KiwiSDR 2 and uploaded a review and demonstration of the product. In the video, Matt shows the external ports of the KiwiSDR and discusses the differences between the KiwiSDR 2 and the original version. Matt goes on to show how to set up the KiwiSDR 2 and shows it receiving through it's web-based receiving software.

KiwiSDR is a 14-bit wideband RX-only HF software-defined radio created by John Seamons (ZL/KF6VO). The KiwiSDR has up to 32 MHz of bandwidth, so it can receive the entire 10 kHz - 30 MHz VLF/LF/MW/HF spectrum all at once. Other than the specifications, the main interesting feature about the KiwiSDR is that it is designed to be operated entirely as an online web-based SDR which is accessed over a network connection. Owners can optionally share their KiwiSDRs online with anyone who wants to access it, which also allows for interesting distributed applications, such as TDoA direction finding, which allows users to pinpoint the location of unknown HF transmissions such as numbers stations.

KiwiSDR 2 - A Standalone Software Defined HF Radio Receiver

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