niliBOX: Software for Managing RTL-SDRs and other Radios Locally and Remotely

niliBOX is a multiplatform software package in beta release that can be used to manage radio devices such as Icom radio scanners and RTL-SDRs remotely or locally. It is the evolution of the older 'PCR Anywhere' software which was specifically designed for controlling Icom Radio scanners.

Over on YouTube user Danny Shortwave And Radio DX has uploaded a video demonstrating the RTL-SDR module being used in niliBOX with his RTL-SDR Blog V3 SDR. He writes:

niliBOX developed a software for various models of computer controlled radios and also for the RTL-SDR software defined radio. I will demonstrate this by running the software while tuning the mediumwave stations. The antenna I'm using is the MLA-30 active loop antenna. This is their first initial release of this software. I will make a series of videos showing this program working. Stay Tuned. This is Version 1.0.0

They currently have Windows 64 Bit. Tested on Windows 7, 10 and 11. They also have Linux version, tested on Ubuntu and Centos 64 Bit. And also a Apple Mac version, tested with MacOS 10.14, 10.15, 11 and 12. They are also coming soon with Android and IOS versions.

Brief Demonstration of new niliBOX software for the RTL-SDR V.3 SDR USB Dongle

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I have released a new version of niliBOX (1.1.0) which is much more stable, efficient and hopefully compatible with more OS types, flavours and versions. You can download it from here:

Additionally, this new version can control the SDR receivers from SDRplay (RSP1, RSP2, RSP1a, RSPdx). Give it a try if you’ve got one!



very nice, working great, just download and ran 2 minutes ok, will enjoy playing with it


Hi, niliBOX developer here.

I have released a new version today (1.0.2) available on the web page. This new version fixes a few compatibility issues on macOS and some versions of Linux and Windows.

IMPORTANT: niliBOX is no longer compatible with Windows 7. I have removed that statement from the web page. It is simply too hard and time consuming keeping that compatibility with such an old OS.

A few more remarks: niliBOX doesn’t need the Qt framework to be installed. All the needed libraries come with the installation package. If you miss something on your platform, please contact me and I will check.

niliBOX is a one-man effort and believe me that the hardest is to test on all possible versions and flavours of operating systems. Your feedback is much appreciated to improve the compatibility and stability of this just born app.

Regarding remote access, I think this is the best capability of niliBOX. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to make a new video explaining how that works. It will come soon. You may subscribe to newsletters in the contact section of the web page.



Also d’ont work! My system Windows 11 64 bit and RTL-SDR v.3
Message if starting:This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialised. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.


Hi Jozsef,
Could you please send me a full screenshot of the message you get? I think there should be some more information on it.

You can send it to my email address: “nilibox @ nilibox .com” (remove the spaces).



Jozsef finally managed to open niliBOX. The problem was the tool he was using to unzip the package which was giving some errors resulting on some files missing.


Tried it on W7 64 bits, it doesn’t work. Got an error message as soon as launched.
Enter point in procedure CreateEventW is not found, in the api-ms-win-core-synch-I1-2-0.dll library.
When I click OK on this box, niliBox stops running.
Any idea ?
73 Denis, F6GKQ


Hello, I have the software working with a pcr 2500 locally.
The question is how it works remotely to access remotely
Fernando CX4AE


Won’t even launch under M1 Monterey v12.6 for the OSX version.. There is no failure just doesn’t launch after multiple tries.


I wanted to mention, looked into the error and per comments below by default OSX isn’t preinstalled with Qt Online Installer for macOS. Version is 5.8. May give this a try to load the framework if I can find without having to “trial” it off their website.


i seen a lot of library files with qt6 in their names, i bet this app needs to have qt6 installed on any operating system it runs on, i have slackware-15 installed (my only operating system) i will try to build qt6 from source since it is not included and give this a try, i will report back later with my findings,


Then I was relieved that I hadn’t messed something up. My equipment is PC Win 11 64 bit.

Ladislav OK1UNL

I assumed use as a remote receiver.
There are other options. Spyserver, OpenwebRX.
Me will try again after a while. It is currently unusable


To me not starting nilibox. Error message is:
“This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialised. Reinstalling the application
may fix this problem.”
How to do this?

Ladislav OK1UNL

Thanks Jozsef for the post. me tried thus one niliBox today morning too.
The same result, of course…. So sorry. Re- installing does not solve the problem.
On my side PC Win 10Pro 64bit


Thanks for informations.
73/ Jozsef Laszlo Szklenar