Receiving Weather RTTY and FAX with the RTL-SDR

YouTube user Tiago Sousa shows how he was able to receive weather Radioteletype (RTTY) data using the RTL-SDR, an upconverter and MultiPSK. Weather RTTY is broadcast by weather services such as the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) which is broadcast from Hamburg, Germany. It is intended for people at sea.

Tiago used an RTL-SDR with upconverter and an 11 meter long wire antenna. For the software he used SDR# and piped the audio to MultiPSK.

Weather RTTY - DWD Hamburg heard in Portugal

Tiago has also uploaded a second video showing him receiving Weatherfax with the same setup. Weatherfax is a signal that transmits a fax image showing weather patterns.

Weather Fax - DWD Hamburg heard in Portugal

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