Receiving 10m RTTY with the RTL-SDR

YouTube user Łukasz Kosson has uploaded a video showing how he was able to decode RTTY signals on 10m (28 MHz). RTTY is an acronym for Radio Teletype, and is a method used to transmit text. To decode RTTY he used HDSDR and piped the audio output to fldigi.


  1. Jesse Burt

    I just discovered this also this past weekend. I was scanning the 27-28MHz bands and noticed some bright stripes on the waterfall I hadn’t noticed before. It ended up being RTTY- lots of it! Amazing how many channels are crammed in there. The traffic wasn’t too exciting, mostly just CQ CQ ‘callsign’, etc, which I gather is part of some kind of contest? But still neat to see! Rtl-sdr in gentoo Linux with gqrx to tune/listen and fldigi to decode. Cheers

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