SATSAGEN Spectrum Analyzer Software Updated: Now Supports RTL-SDR

Back in March last year we first posted about the release of SATSAGEN, and program by Alberto (IU1KVL) that allowed the PlutoSDR to work as a spectrum analyzer. SATSAGEN has recently been updated to version 0.5, and it now supports the RTL-SDR, HackRF and Simple Spectrum Analyzer hardware as well. 

Spectrum analyzer software allows you to monitor spectrum activity over a bandwidth much larger than what your SDR supports. It works by rapidly sweeping over multiple frequencies and stitching the spectrum slices together.

Some highlights of the new features include:

  • Works with:
    • HackRF One
    • RTL-SDR Dongles
    • Simple Spectrum Analyzer series like NWT4000, D6 JTGP-1033, Simple Spectrum Analyzer, and so on.
  • Video trigger, real-time trigger, and fast-cycle feature
  • ADALM-PLUTO custom gain table and Extended linearization table for all devices
  • Transmit from raw format files
  • I/Q balance panel
  • Waterfall
SATSAGEN Interface


  1. snn47

    Hello Alberto,
    great work and improvement for getting affordable DIY test equipment

    “Dreaming Mode” on
    since you support already Full Duplex TRx SDR, do you think implementing a tracking generator like old YIG based SA used to have is feasible, since todays SA don’t have it any more?
    vy 73 _.. .._. ….. .__. _.__
    “Dreaming Mode” off

  2. Rick

    Hi Alberto.
    Downloaded version for Windows. Unfortunately it does not ask for install location, only installs to C:\Program Files …… I’d prefer to install it on a different drive with rest of my SDR software.
    Can this be fixed in the next version?

  3. Mir

    It’s great software! I love it using with PlutoSDR but it has failed to locate RTL-SDR. I will check it again for RTL-SDR. It shall be great if the support is extended to USRP as well.

    • Alberto

      Hi Mir,
      Thank you! Let me know about your problem with RTL dongles. We could find a fix.
      I want to extend the support to USRP, but I need the hardware to test all.

  4. Linden

    This is great news! Though I’m now wondering whether anyone has a recommendation for SpecAn s/w that works with the LimeSDR as well?

  5. Val

    Amazing software that makes a very useful tool out of PlutoSDR.
    I’ve used the Spectrum Analyzer to compare a few antennas, and Generator to check capabilities of my oscilloscope, both features works flawlessly and are very easy to use.
    Works great with PlutoSDR, but I couldn’t make it work with HackRF (it just shows an empty modal dialog for a short time and then crashes). Maybe there is something wrong with my HackRF, or drivers, but it works with SDR#

    • Alberto

      Thank you so much, Val!
      I’m working on the next release of SATSAGEN to fix the support of the HackRF with old firmware; maybe it solves your problem.

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