SDRTrunk 0.4.0 Alpha 9 Updates Highlighted

You may recall that a few years ago we released a tutorial on how to set up and use [SDRTrunk]. Fast forward a few years and the software has seen numerous changes. This application was designed primarily for tracking trunking radio systems but also has the ability to decode things like MDC-1200, LoJack and more.

The software is compatible with many Software Defined Radios such as our RTL-SDR v3, HackRF and the Airspy. Some of the newer improvements include a bundled copy of java so that an installation of java is not required on the host computer, as well as decoding improvements for P25 among other digital voice modes. You can find a full list of improvements along with the latest release on [GitHub]

The biggest feature many have been waiting for is the ability to import talk groups for their radio system into the application from radio reference. While this has not yet been implemented, user [Twilliamson3] has created a [web application] that will convert table data from radio reference into a format that is supported by SDRTrunk.

SDRTrunk Screenshot
SDRTrunk Screenshot
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Where is a tutorial on how to install on MacOS?


How do you get the playlist feature to work?


Where is the Mac OSX version?
Nevermind. Found it after I put my glasses on! Duh.


Where is the Mac OSX version?


Where is the linux specific Zip file mentioned in the readme? I can’t find it anywhere.


If you go to the github linked in the post, and scroll down to Assets, click the arrow and it will show it.

Not sure if I can link directly to it in a comment, if so, it’s here:


Got it! Thank you, Taubin!