SignalsEverywhere: Build an RTL-SDR Based OP25 Radio Scanner with a Mobile Control Head Android App

Welcome back to Sarah from the SignalsEverywhere YouTube channel who has recently returned to producing videos from a hiatus. In her latest video, Sarah shows off her new OP25 Mobile Control Head Android App which allows you to implement a full P25 digital radio scanner at a fraction of the cost of a commercial digital scanner. In the past, Sarah had released a similar application written for the Raspberry Pi but has decided to shift her focus to writing an equivalent Android app that is less clunky and can be deployed for a lower cost. 

The app controls and displays information from the OP25 software that runs on a Raspberry Pi with RTL-SDR connected. It works by using a server application on the Raspberry Pi that manipulates the OP25 instance and its configuration files.

Sarah writes:

The application is a wrapper for OP25 that uses a raspberry pi and an android device to provide users with a mobile control head for their OP25 P25 scanner setup. Currently it's just a basic application but I'll be adding features like automatic site switching, etc.


There is also a separate application I call the OP25Display which is just a display for a users existing OP25 instance.


Build Your Own Digital Radio Scanner With OP25 Mobile Control Head App

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Am I missing something here? Isn’t P25 digital radio always encrypted? If yes, and I don’t have the decryption keys, what’s the point of the scanner?


Nope, often there’s no encryption at all or encryption only on specific channels.


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